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3 Reasons I Own A Particular Miche Shell

It’s not a secet that I am a massive fan for the Miche Bag even though I wish to buy every shell this is certainly released, it is only not realistic nor in my own budget to take action. Therefore, I have to be extremely picky in regards to the shells that I do purchase. While my styles are typical over the board, I can tell you that my purchases have boiled down to three main reasons as to why I happened to be interested in purchasing a particular shell: color, texture, and usability with my current wardrobe.

The very first reason as to why I’m attracked to a particular shell as related to its color. I are usually attracted to my shells like I am interested in shoes; the greater amount of outrageous and noticeable, the better. During my collection right now, I have a bright pink shell, a silver shell and a purple shell. While most of these will vary colors and on different ends regarding the spectrum, they all are fun and get noticed exactly where I go.

Texture may be the second reason as to the reasons I select the shells that I do. I usually am interested in the shells which can be imprinted with various patterns. In the event that shell pattern is on an ordinary basic flat base then chances are I am probably planning to go and take a good look at the next one which’s in stock. Looking at my current collection, it would appear that I seem to gravitate to the crocodile and cobblestone textures the most. Needless to say, the fun about a Miche Bag is that you tastes can be totally different than my, but there are always plenty of choices to go around.

3 Reasons I Own A Particular Miche Shell

The final reason I’m listing let me reveal most likely the least important for the three and that’s usability associated with the shell with my current wardrobe. My clothes are usually the opposite of my shoes and handbags as I dress pretty conservatively, however i’ve been changing that recently to add a lot more color into my entire life. So, regardless of if I do not have a certain color currently in my own closet, that doesn’t mean I won’t pick out a specific shell. If I love the colour, I will discover something to go with the shell instead. However, if i am torn between two, I will more than likely pick one that I am able to use today instead of having to go out on a shopping excursion to locate something to wear with all the shell.

On the other hand, many bright colored shells can be utilized with very basic outfits to allow the handbag to stand out instead. If I purchase a bright orange shell and don’t have almost anything to go with it, I may use that shell with an outfit from my closet that is all black.

Even though they are my grounds for purchasing a specific shell to take my Miche Bag, your reasons may be completely different so in retrospect the Miche slogan of “One Bag, Endless Possiblities” is really so fitting.

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