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Cambridge Satchel Is More Than Just A Handbag

“The coming days will be a century which is using hands to create” This poem appearing in somewhere as if was writen to the haute couture famous brand “cambridge satchel”, which has the exquisite handmade perfect details. Different with Gucci, Chanel and other luxury brand handbags, more people prefer to the special brand LOGO of cambridge satchel, what they love is its superior quality and excellent manual. You would never have guessed, each handmade bag takes about three months, and will be made ”after a 2800-pin hand-sewn. The classic bag is divided into four different sizes: size11, size13, size14 and size15. Different design has different size. Leather is the main material and more than ten colors can be selected for customers.

Since the 1980s, cambridge satchel began to be ordered on a global scale. All customers can choose the leather, fasteners, dimensions, etc. Of course, at the same time, people have to pay the appropriate price. “Retro” is still the theme of this summer, almost all the stores are praparing style and designs for retro and you can find it everywhere. When you contentedly wear a floral dress or one-piece skirt to play the “pastoral style”, it is the perfect choice with a hot retro package section. So whether it is the influx of people, or star, the retro bags are necessary to go out on the streets.

Cambridge Satchel Is More Than Just A Handbag

As is known for all, this cambridge leather bag is a handmade in UK. These bags are made by hand in the UK factory, and no school bag can has such a British taste.” It may be the handmade label that gives the cambridge backpack a special meaning. As cambridge satchel bag can give out nostalgia emotions of campus life, no matter for parents or children, it both has the same appeal.

It is great to buy cambridge satchel backpack to make a shape, perhaps we can also put it to the “bag” series. The famous chinese movie star Pace and her friends all have this bag. As the founder’s imagination of the classic bag, which Julie originally envisaged as – it belongs to Harry Potter and Hermione in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. Although Harry did not ultimately back to wear it, it seemed that it tainted with the magic of fashion, and soon had its popularity.

In addition to the unexpensive purchase price, there is a long custom waiting period. Regardless of the royal family and nobles or celebrity rich, there is no exception. The average waiting time is about one to two monthes, no matter in which region of the world the order is, the bag will be produced in UK, what is in order to ensure impeccable quality.

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