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Clean you hand bag today! 11 things you must have in hand bag

What do you already have in your hand bag? Does everything in your hand bag you utilize on a regular basis? I always had headache organizing things inside. Usual things that we use are our purse, coin bag, key and hand phone. How many of you had your phone scratched after placing it in your hand bag? To have all the item arranged well at hand bag I prefer hand bag organizer. This really helps you to find things easily in my own bag. Moreover it protects things into the bag. You additionally can organise thing without organizer in case your hand bag has partition.

Clean you hand bag today! 11 things you must have in hand bag

Ensure you clean your hand bag once per month. πŸ™‚ be rid of unwanted things. Using this method you should use the hand bag for longer time.

After experiencing for many years, listed here are items that will need to have in my hand bag. I thought it might assist you to as well.

1. Hand sanitizer – alternative to hand washing using soap. Helps whenever you for your meal.

2. Hand lotion – helps to moisturize your skin layer, specially when you will be under sun!

3. Pen and Notepad – you might need to publish something or even to leave message

4. Pad – will need to have for many women. If you don’t require it, you may help others.

5. Sun glass (that can match all your outfit)

6. Hair band – in the event the hair bands you wearing fails you!

7. Cologne – to manage your system odour (optional)

8. Mint – to own fresh breath before you meet anyone. (really helps when you eat meat dish)

9. Make up tool:

  • Compact powder with mirror casing
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip gloss
  • Comb

10.Nail clippers – sometime this helps when you yourself have broken nail.

11.Vicks or anything to apply when you yourself have headache.

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