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Pelican S130 Sport Elite Laptop Camera Divider BackPack

The Pelican S130 backpack is designed for travelers. It is meant to ease the worries of sportsmen and travelers. It can also be used by photographers to carry their equipments and college students. The backpack is light and great. It is well padded to keep lenses and other delicate goods inside it while you are on the move. It protects your laptop from crashing at right angles from bottom or top. In addition, you should not worry about getting caught in the rain as it is weatherproof.

Pelican S130 Sport Elite Laptop Camera Divider BackPack

It is widely known its solid construction making it the perfect unit to carry your DSLR, thin computer such Ultrabook, tablet, or MacBook Air, and some lenses. In addition, you can carry some clothing for a couple of days. It is designed to accommodate your laptop in watertight, padded case at rear of the backpack.

The S130 Sport Elite Backpack feature shoulder straps that is well-padded. This is meant to distribute your load. This explains why it feels comfortable to all users and is very easy to adjust to your particular fit. Its lower section has front zippered flat where you can insert a separate cover. In addition, the zippered sections make it easy to access your contents.

Pelican S130 Sport Elite Laptop Camera Divider BackPack Details

Pelican S130 Sport Elite Laptop Camera Divider BackPack

Pros and Cons

The Pelican S130 is sturdy and designed for serious travelers. It offers perfect protection to the laptops and camera equipment. This is made possible with the excellent padding and water-tight case. It provides a large room of space to accommodate your clothing for a couple of days. You can therefore use it as a backup backpack during your outdoor missions.

However, despite the great benefits of this sport backpack, it has its downsides. It is a bit heavy and its bottom section is thick to easily fit bottom of plane seat without having to compress it.

Pelican sport backpack is smart carrying choice. It is loaded with excellent features that make one of the best backpacks in its class. It is versatile and can therefore be used for various carrying missions. Its excellent padding and adjustable shoulder straps make it easy and comfortable to carry. You can therefore walk for long distance without realizing that you have a load on your back!

Other than your laptop and DSLR camera, it is possible to carry out things you will need while on the move. It has enough room to carry your bottled drinks, a deodorant, and a toothbrush.

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