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Review: Mobile Edge MEBPE2 Express backpack

Review: Mobile Edge MEBPE2 Express backpack

Mobile Edge MEBPE2 Express backpack is another choice for your college backpack. Features include the following:

  • Heavy duty Duraflex express backpack
  • Computer Protection Compartment
  • Superior Safety Cell
  • Padded pockets for CDs, PDA and files
  • Cool-Mesh Ventilated Back Panel
  • Dimensions : 6.8 x 14.8 x 20 inches

Let’s see what people are talking about this product.

Why people like it….

People like the way it fits squarely on the wearer’s back. The cool-mesh ventilated at the rear portion and the straps material makes it comfortable for a considerable period of time.

Spacious Interiors
It has room for your laptop – along with your accessories that goes along with it. Did you say how big? It can hold your 17″ laptop without stretching on the materials. It has useful pockets for your water bottles and small accessories like mp3’s keys and the like.

Why people don’t like it….

Taking out your laptop is the top concern for most people. It seems that your other things(like notebooks/binders and books) are getting in the way. It will not be a problem if you going to take out your things first before taking out your laptop – but other brands don’t have the same problem.

Although the product looks sturdy, the lifespan is not as long as the others. Notable parts that show some wear and tear are the top handles and straps. The material used seems to wear out whenever you stuff it to the maximum load.

Overall this is still great as your choice of backpack for college. It has room for your books, laptop and other essential accessories. On the other hand, you should take note of the durability issues that buyers should be aware of. So if you are good in the features and planning to stick this for about a year the go – otherwise look at the other products that will suit your needs.

Amazon rating – 4.0 out of 5 stars(Great)

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