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SwissGear Computer Backpack Review

On paper, this SwissGear Computer Backpack appeals to people who always bring their electronic gadgets wherever they go. It has an organizer for your laptop and an audio pocket where you can store and access your favorite iPods or other mp3 players you have just to name a few.

SwissGear Computer Backpack Review

Will these features make this a good backpack? Lets see what people have to say.

Why people like it….

Majority of people who bought this product say the same thing…that it’s still comfortable carrying this on their backs even for long periods of time. The reason lies in the padded strap that helps spread the load thus reducing if not elimating the stress loads that is placed upon the person.

The compartments are very well placed that is convenient to the user. There is a your small audio pocket in the top front for your iPods or mp3’s.Separate compartments for your laptops(padded for added protection) and books/binders.Aside from the two side pockets for placing your bottles, people like the strap pockets that they can place their cellphones and small cards like ID cards making it for quick access whenever they need it.

People are really happy of this backpack because it still looks good even after 2 years.

Why people don’t like it….

This backpack can only hold so much – especially when it comes to your laptop. If you own a laptop that is bigger than 15″ then you are in for some disappointment. It will not fit inside as there will be evidence of some stretching on the sides whenever you insist on putting it in the laptop compartment section. Others try to remedy that by placing in another compartment but you will be sacrificing some important things that you need like books and the like.

Overall the SwissGear Computer Backpack is great in every aspect. Compartments are strategically placed for easy access. Roomy interior for your books, laptop, phones and even your mp3’s. It’s durable and not to mention – it’s comfortable too. The only downside is that not all laptops can fit inside. So if you are one of those people who have 17″ laptops, then there will always be other options for you, otherwise this is the one you are looking for.


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